Why I Write…


Once when I was about sixteen I remember I had set out to write that great American novel. I bought a spiral notebook and pick out a new, smooth writing pen. I sat and wrote my first paragraph. It was about the only thing that had happened to be at that point in my life, my first serious boyfriend. It was not a great relationship so it made for good writing. After finishing the first paragraph it was time for me to leave with my mother and brother for our weekly grocery shopping trip. I happened to leave my notebook on the couch while I finished getting ready. Now this story was raw and honest and very personal. But I felt I had something to say and I was ready to say it. As I came back for my notebook I found my mother and brother reading my very personal and inappropriate first paragraph. Naturally I was horrified; especially when my mother asked me if the things I had written were true. Gulp. I of course said no, it’s just a story I am writing. From then one I never felt like I had enough privacy to trust writing anything personal or honest. Thus ended my writing career. I have written plenty since but always from some class assignment or some emotional, yet vague poetry. I’ve never been able to bring myself to write my story, to be completely vulnerable about my thoughts. To write like no one will ever read my work. So that is why I am here. Why I am writing on this very public forum. To not only learn to take constructive criticism and allow it to help me become a better writing but let my guard down and learn to be okay with other people reading my work. To learn to trust my readers and to learn to be honest with them in turn.

Most days I don’t write. I either don’t have the time or energy or space. There is always some excuse for me not to write. I’m always hoping inspiration will strike and even when it does I am unprepared for it. So this is also why I am here. I am writing to build a writing discipline. Inspiration is great but practice is better. It being so public will better hold me accountable on those nights when I’m not feeling inspired a.k.a lazy.

I hope to not only respond to Daily Prompts when I’m low on inspiration but also weave in the story of me so that readers can get a good sense of who I am and why I am. I love reading or rather being read to. I drive 80 miles a day for work so audiobook are have become my escape from the drudgery of traffic. I love to eat and cook so I’ll probably include posts about the places I dine at and the delicious Pinterest recipes I try out. I use to consider myself an amateur photographer so I’d like re-explore my fascination with statues/sculptures I come across. I always enjoyed who they would evoke emotions in me. How I could imagine what they were feeling. My partner and I both share a love for travel and adventure; adventure in the form of theater, concerts, museums, dining so I’d like to share those experiences to. Basically anything that takes place in my real life. After all that is why I write this blog, to share an honest piece of my life, if only for my own theraputic and cathartic expression.